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Dawli Aerospace
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Vision & Mission

When Dawli Aerospace was founded in 2017, it was the first Saudi company to be licensed in the organization & management of airshows in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With its parallel strategic position vis-à-vis the Saudi and global aviation industry, Dawli Aerospace was established on FIVE key strategic pillars:

  • He Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s executing of its economic transformation targets under Vision 2030,
  • The outstanding strategic leading role that the Saudi General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA) is undertaking in the economic development of the aviation sector within the Kingdom,
  • The Saudi Arabian market being the largest in the MENA region,
  • The fast pace and diversified development of the Saudi aviation industry, and
  • The continues growth of the international aviation companies’ presence in the Saudi aviation market place

Thus, Dawli Aerospace targets its strategic goals to be in-line with the aviation industry’s promotion of their goods and services on both, the B-to-B and B-to-C levels via the planning and organization of commercial trade and general-public aviation trade airshows within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Dawli Aerospace will always continue its dedication to promoting aviation in Saudi Arabia and the region …

Thank you.

Abdullah M. al-Jawini, M.A.


Dawli Aerospace

Dawli Aerospace (Dawli Aero) is a Saudi licensed company that prides itself in proving services in a distinctive field related to the promotion of the aviation industry on the commercial and public domains. With its local expertise, its combined 40 years of management team experience, and with its global reach makes Dawli Aero uniquely positioned to achieve its set goals for the promotion of the aviation industry.

Air Show Organization & Management

As a Saudi market leader, Dawli Aero was the first company to be licensed in the field of airshow organization and management within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its local aviation market in-depth knowledge provides Dawli Aero with a unique position in the local aviation market as a leading airshow organizer.