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Dawli Aerospace
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Air Show Management

As a market leader, Dawli Aerospace was the first company to be licensed in the field of airshow organization and management within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  With its combined 40-years of experience in the field of airshow production and management, the Dawli Aerospace team strives to deliver turn-key solutions for trade and general-public airshows with utmost quality of organization, management, and safety.  The highest safety standards under the Dawli Aerospace team is always uncompromised.

The Dawli Aerospace airshow turn-key solution utilized the expertise of its team in sourcing the participation and sponsorship of top-tier aviation companies and key industry players from around the globe to partner in the successful execution of the planed airshow.  Additionally, the securing of the widest pool of public participation from all walks of life is a key success factor of any airshow, and this factor remains one of Dawli Aerospace's strongest elements of organization.  Thus, for the top-tier companies to realize their investments in the success of the airshow and for the fans to enjoy an unforgettable experience.  The Dawli Aerospace team is dedicated to produce a world-class airshow via the organization of the following:

  • The world’s best air display team and single acrobatic performer
  • ground world-class aviation-related entertainment for all ages that will ignite the excitement of the wonders of the aerospace intellect among all minds
  • An aircraft static show that will include many aircraft form all types, shapes, and sizes that will allow visitors to board inside the various airplanes and into their cockpits, and to meet with the crow of each aircraft
  • An aerospace corporate exhibit that is will be designed to display the products and services of the aerospace and aviation-related companies, learning institutions, and career seekers
  • A landscape design of the grounds that will ease access of the visitors and their commute between the various elements of the airshow (the aircraft static show, the aerospace exhibit, the food court, the visitors viewing area, etc …)

We are looking forward in joining forces with your organization to bring about an airshow that exceeds all expectations. Our team at Dawli Aerospace is dedicated to serving your request via the following: ( / (+966 92 000 5345).

… The space is always ours!